Björn Linnman på G

Ulla Berglund, then producer at the Swedish Television - SVT Barn & Ungdom, had the idea of making videos for children. A production intented to be a contrast to MTV. All this in a time when the music video productions was exploding with fast cuts and flashy pictures in a high speed tempo. It resulted in 9 separate programs wich was broadcasted in "Björnes magasin" during the spring in 1990

However the program you can watch as a sample - "Surströmming Blues" was rejected and was never broadcasted. It was said to be too messy for the children. Look and see for yourself!

The music in all videos was composed, arranged, played and sang by Björn Linnman.

Executiv prod: Ulla Berglund
Scriptgirl: Anna Berglund
Photo: Mikael Kinnmanson
Production: SVT Barn & Ungdom 1989

The music was recorded at OAL-studios, Sollentuna 1989
Studio technician: Jan Appelgren

Surströmming Blues
6 min, 41 sec. Download

Den norrländska klämman. Foto taget ur Surströmming blues Björn och Steinway på G 1990 Åh fy fan! Foto taget ur Surströmming blues. Björn, Anna Berglund och Ulla Berglund kommunicerar i Surströmming blues