Björn Linnman
Composer, born 1960

Grow up in Umeå with his parents Solveig and Torsten and his ten year elder sister Kristina. At the age of thirteen he seriously started his music studies and considered the churchorgan as his instrument. His interest in composing started with his relative ability to improvise.

When started writing music in 1975 he eventually got more commisions. During the eighties after being invited as a guest composer at Mickery Theatre in Amsterdam and The Royal Drama Theatre in Stockholm he gradually considered himself more as a composer than a musician. In 2001 he became a member of the Swedish Composers Society (FST).

Until this day he has composed music for some 40 productions for theatre, radio and TV. Since 1993 he has gradually left TV and theatre productions and has worked almost exclusively with comissioned works. Among Björns compositions are works for ballets, operas, chamber orchestras, oratories, choirs and works for larger orchestras.

Björns inexhaustible love for acoustical instruments and "living" musicians has resulted in his straying further and further from the electronic influences in his composing.

" seems as I am back at square one..., I must return uncompromisingly to the roots of the acoustical instruments to once again try and experience specifically every instrument I compose for."

Björn som NÄCKEN i Staffan Westerbergs föreställning TRÅDLÖSA SJÄLAR. Västmanlands länsteater hösten 1992. Foto: Frida Holmgren Björn Linnman 2003. Foto: Mats Möller Björn Linnman på G i Björnes Magasin, 1990 Björn under de spanska trumpeterna på Grönlundorgeln i Umeå stads kyrka