Stortorgsspelen was a work commisioned for the big happening in Old Town, Stockholm att the hilarious millenia-festivitas 1999/2000.

Composed for brass orchestra, percussion, soli, choir, organ.

The first act: Stortorget in 1520 - A crown for the king and many heads
The second act: Stortorget in dec.1650 - A dans and a Jester play
The third act: Stockholm 1792 - King for a night

Peformed by:

Birgitta Larsson - soprano.
Kristina Porath - mezzosoprano
Peter Nygren - tenor
Henrik Västberg - baryton
Maria Magdalena Motett choir, Ragnar Bohlin, cond.
Mathias Kjellgren - organ

Messing Around:

Niclas Ericsson, Mikael Sörensson - Trumpets
Per Christensson, Björn Samuelsson - Trombones
Jim Gage - Horn & "Big Bertha"
Per Sjöberg - Tuba
Thord Sandström - Percussion

The music was written and conducted by Björn Linnman
Produced by Stellan Sagvik
Mr. Jim Gage playing his miraculous Big Bertha - Doo - Device.
Listen to Jim on track 'Bråket på båten' in STORTORGSSPELEN. Photo: Maria Gage